The national energy ombudsman is responsible for examining consumer complaints, recommending solutions to disputes between consumers and suppliers or DSO of electricity or natural gas, and taking part in campaigns to inform consumers about their rights.

Recommending solutions to disputes

If the consumer(1)  is in dispute with his electricity or natural gas supplier or DSO, he or his representative (consumer association, lawyer etc) can appeal to the national energy ombudsman to assist him in settling the disagreement.

After examining the case the ombudsman prepares a written recommendation supported by detailed arguments which will enable the dispute to be settled within two months of the case being brought before him. 

Informing consumers of their rights

The national energy ombudsman takes part in information campaigns to consumers regarding their rights and the procedures to be followed.

To this end the ombudsman shares the financing of the "Energy info" information unit with the CRE (Energy Regulation Commission).  This includes a call center open from Monday to Friday between 08:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m on 0800 112 212(2)  together with a web site: www.energie-info.fr.

The role of this unit is to provide consumers with all the information they require, help them with procedures related to the supply of electricity and natural gas, and direct them if necessary towards persons qualified to assist them.

(1) Any private, non-professional or professional customer within the micro-entreprise category i.e. fewer than 10 employees and €2M in turnover;
(2) Charged at cost of a local call