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My case has been received…

My case has been received… Then, what will the national energy ombudsman do ?

As soon as files are received, they are analysed one by one to  determine whether they may lead to a mediation process. Indeed, the law sets the specific terms under which the national energy ombudsman may intervene.

File analysis

If your case is admissible:

The ombudsman requests the operator to send its observations about your case. It may also request additional documents from you.

If your case is not admissible:

The ombudsman states the reasons why, within a maximum time of 3 weeks.

> How to determine whether your case is admissible or not ?

Your are then directed to the competent body.



A task officer from the ombudsman’s teams will then try to find an amicable agreement between you and your supplier or distributor. If necessary, a recommendation relative to solving the dispute will be devised.

Devising a recommendation is subject to four overall principles: simplicity, fairness, abiding by the law and efficiency!
The recommendation is then sent in writing to all parties, which are free to follow the ombudsman’s opinion, or not. The supplier must however report within two months how it followed this recommendation.

>Learn more about the terms under which the ombudsman may intervene

In the best interests of the consumer, the recourse to mediation postpones the times required for legal action. When the ombudsman eventually issues a recommendation, legal times start again, in the same conditions than when the referral was made, as if no mediation had occurred .

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