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The institution: role and organisation


As a public independent authority, the mission of the national energy ombudsman is to offer amicable solutions when disputes occur with the companies of the energy sector, as well as to inform the energy consumers about their rights.

The national energy ombudsman is an independent public authority created by the  law n°2006-1537 of December 7 2006 relative to the energy sector. It falls within the scope of law n°2017-55 of January 20 2017 governing independent administrative authorities and independent public authorities.

The ombudsman is endowed legal personality and financial autonomy. Its financing is carried out by the State, and its budget, which is part of the finance act, is adopted by the ministers in charge of economy, energy and consumption.

The scope of its competence and how it may intervene are set by the articles L. 122-1 to L. 122-5 and articles R. 122-1 to R. 122-12 of the energy code.

The national energy ombudsman is a “public ombudsman” within the meaning of article L. 611-1 the consumer code.

The energy ombudsman carries out its mediation mission to solve consumer disputes following the conditions set by the articles of the consumer code and according to the terms defined by the articles R. 122-1 et seq. of the energy code. When the consumer is a private individual, additional rules apply, set out by articles L. 612-1 et seq. and R. 612-1 et seq. of the consumer code.



With the interministerial decree of November 19 2013, published in the Official Journal of November 22 2013, Jean GAUBERT has been appointed national energy ombudsman for six years. His remit cannot be annulled (article 6 of the law n° 2017-55 of January 20 2017).

Born on March 3 1947, farmer and breeder by trade, member of Parliament for Côtes d’Armor from 1997 to 2012 and former vice-president of the General Council in charge of economic matters, Jean Gaubert has been heading the electricity board of his Department since 1983. From 1983 to 2014, he was the vice-president of the National Federation of Local Authorities (FNCCR), which regroups the local bodies in charge of the public services of energy, water and waste management.
An expert of issues relative to consumption and energy, , Jean Gaubert was consumption budget rapporteur for the National Assembly from 2006 to 2012 as well as vice-president of the committee of economic affairs from 2007 to 2012. In 2011, he carried out an information mission dealing with the safety and financing of the electricity distribution networks.


Managing Director: Frédérique COFFRE

The institution is composed of three departments: Mediation, Information & Communication and Administration & Finance.

Head of the Mediation department: Catherine LEFRANÇOIS-RIVIERE

Head of the Information & Communication department: Caroline KELLER

Head of the Administration & Finance department: Béatrice GAUDRAY

All personnel of the national energy ombudsman share a common goal: to ensure that all consumers receive a personalised and adapted response to their issues, while abiding by values of independency, transparency and fairness.


In compliance with article 13 of law n°2017-55 of January 20 2017, as well as article R. 122-4 of the energy code, the national energy ombudsman has devised a charter that sets out the ethical rules applicable to the institution and to its employees.

Our Charter of ethics, in PDF and in French, can be read here 

Additionally, the ombudsman has submitted a statement of interests in 2014.

Learn more about mediation in France and in Europe

In France, the Commission for the evaluation and monitoring of consumer mediation aims at evaluating the activity of consumer ombudsmen and at monitoring how they comply with the terms of the Consumer code pertaining to the mediation of consumption disputes.

Since the national energy ombudsman has been approved by the evaluation commission, it is now referenced on the consumer mediation website: www.mediation-conso.fr

It is also referenced on the European commission website dedicated to consumption mediation at: http://ec.europa.eu/odr

Furthermore, the European Centre of Consumption has set up a website in French dedicated to consumption mediation, which the ombudsman encourages you to visit : http://www.europe-consommateurs.eu/fr/fr/vos- droits/exercer-ses- droits/mediation/

The national energy ombudsman is a member of NEON, the National Energy Ombudsmen Network: http://www.neon-ombudsman.org/

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