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Missions: mediation and information

As a public independent authority, the mission of the national energy ombudsman is to offer amicable solutions when disputes occur with the companies of the energy sector, as well as to inform the energy consumers about their rights.


In the event of a dispute with his/her supplier or distributor of energy (electricity, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in a tank or in a cylinder, fuel oil, fuel wood or district heating networks) a consumer or his/her representative (consumers’ organisation, attorney…) may submit his/her case to the national energy ombudsman, to find a solution to the dispute.

The ombudsman may be referred to within a period of two months to one year after a written complaint is sent to the operator. The referral may be sent by postal or electronic mail, and this process is free of charge.

If the case is declared admissible, the case is examined and both parties contacted, after which the ombudsman offers a mediation solution to help solve the dispute.


The national energy ombudsman informs energy consumers about their rights, and also provides practical advice on energy–related topics.

For that matter, it manages the Energie-Info information service, which includes:

  • a call centre that can be reached at 0800 112 212, Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 6pm,
  • and a dedicated website: energie-info.fr

On the energie-info.fr website, consumers of electricity and natural gas can find practical tips, information about their rights, an online price comparison tool of suppliers of electricity and natural gas, calculators, as well as factsheets that can be downloaded.

ENERGIE-INFO provides answers to your questions

Want to compare energy offers?

Do you need to find a supplier?

Any other questions?

Visit energie-info.fr or call the following number (free of charge) 0 800 112 212 Services & free calls

Sollen, to declare an online dispute

Access your secure account, follow your file and interact with the Ombudsman’s services and companies in the energy sector. Website in French language.

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